RAW rental house wants to make renting equipment as easy as possible.
That's why we've partnered with Front Row Insurances Short Shoots Insurance program.

Insurance Requirements

RAW rental house is committed to providing clients with an exceptional rental experience, however we do require our clients to provide us with valid production insurance to secure the rental. As RAW rental house is a boutique style rental house, we operate on the same rental platform as Panavision. This means that valid production insurance with “Keen Eye Productions Inc. o/a RAW rental house” listed as the insured, is required upon booking of rental. The production insurance serves to protect both you and RAW rental house in the case of damage or loss.

Short Shoots Insurance Program

In order to help you from renting from us, RAW rental house has partnered with Front Row insurance. Front Row now offers Canadian producers & production companies very affordable options for production insurance. Productions from 1 day to 15 days and beyond can now get coverage for rentals with the value of rented gear starting at $10,000.00.

This link: takes you directly to the short term production insurance for filmmakers and if you use the code RAW25OFF you will receive $25 off the price of the package you choose.

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